family session Style Guide

How does a Lifestyle session work?

These sessions are designed to be as relaxed and fun as possible and are very much centred around the children (whatever their ages), as I believe if they are having fun, the rest just falls into place naturally. 

My sessions are not about standing in a line, looking at the camera and saying 'cheese'. I'm after photos that ooze soul, I want to capture the connections between one another. There may be some little kisses and cuddles along the way or maybe even a full on tickling fight. 

As an experienced lifestyle family photographer, I will be there to offer a few gentle suggestions long the way, but be ready to step back when needed to watch you interact as a family to capture the love and connections between you all.

I only photograph my outdoor family sessions shortly after sunrise or shortly before sunset, looking for the gorgeous, dreamy light at those times of the day.

These mini sessions usually last around 30 minutes which is plenty of time to be able to get a variety of images plus short enough to hopefully keep any younger ones interested.

Of course my ultimate priority with these sessions, and this goes without saying really, is safety. Social distancing measures must be in place at all times. My trusty, go-to lens for years has been my 35mm as I could always get nice and close to my families as I do love to chat, but also to give a little bit of direction through the sessions.

The 35mm has been temporarily ditched though and replaced with my equally gorgeous 85mm. This lens has a much longer focal length meaning I can stand further back but still get equally gorgeous imagery, I just may be talking a little louder!!

What to wear

I always try and offer a guide ahead of my photo sessions as I know that some people can get overwhelmed when trying to pick out their wardrobe.

I am a massive fan of neutral, earthy colours as they photograph so beautifully, but also white and yellow looks amazing. Denim is equally great for the Dads and Sons whereas a beautiful flowing dress is ideal for the Mums and Daughters, giving us lots of fabric to play around with. 

Its also easy to advise on what to avoid. I would stay clear of any bright neon colours, lots of black, small stripes and any large logos, these don't tend to photograph as well and can end up being a distraction when looking at the photo afterwards. And please don't be too matchy, matchy!! but instead look for colours that compliment each other.

I may also ask everyone to remove their shoes and socks for certain shots (providing its safe of course!), but don't worry I wont be zooming in on anyones feet, it just gives the image a softer look.

Just remember guys that this is just a guide and certainly not something to overthink or get stressed about! At the end of the day though, the top priority is about feeling confident but also comfortable!!

Please get in touch if you have questions or queries at all, I am always happy to help! And I look forward to seeing you very soon!!!

Take care & stay safe,



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