A promise to myself -

film my own family more often!

These family films are completely and utterly stealing my heart!!


I am so in totally in love with watching their little characters beam on screen. I literally cannot help but smile every time I watch it!! (even though I may have already watched it at least 30 times!!).

I made myself a promise last year, (not a new years resolution as I seriously don't believe in them, the phrase 'new years resolution' pretty much means I fail before I even start!! So definately a 'promise' .....) to film my own family more, to make time between client work and to make the effort to have my own recorded memories. To have something the kids can watch in years to come, something of our own little tribe.

I often over think my own family films, I literally have so many ideas, unfortunately most are far afield, which with a child's list of extra curricular activities these days, time means this is near on impossible (although, I am feeling a trip to the coast soon as that would be amazing!!). Sometimes though, the simplest ideas are just the best. 


So I chose something that we often do as a family, something that will get the kids running around and having fun, plus as its a family favourite, hopefully when they look back at the film in 5, 10 years time and it will bring back fond memories. 


So I decided on  ...... a good old wellie walk!!!

In all honesty, even though they love these walks so much, the kids are always so reluctant to start with, grumpy and annoyed at being told they have to drag themselves out of the warmth, especially on these colder days. The thing is, we can all absolutely guarantee that within 2 minutes of being out and about, running and dancing through massive, squelchy puddles, those past annoyances are long forgotten and they're back enjoying the outdoors.

Watching them running around, totally carefree is so gorgeous, and even though they are growing so fast, you can always rely on the fact that one of them will lack common sense and either walk into a puddle way too deep for their wellies, or will trip over and end up covered in mud, (I'd definately like to mention two names here ..... urmmmm Henry or Leila) they do pretty much tend to take this role in turns though, much to the others amusement.

So here is number one of my little family films for 2020. The first of many ..... 

I hope you enjoy xxx

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