Lockdown Doorstep Photography

Spring of 2020, the time when our world took a massive flip upside and daily life as we knew it, just ceased

to exist!!

Suddenly faced with the realisation that this so called lockdown is real and this is really frigging serious!!


I feel like I spent the first week obsessing over the daily news reports, catching up on the new developments and watching in awe as our amazingly heroic frontline staff began to battle through this insane pandemic, knowing all me and my family could do to help was to stick to the rules and stay at home!

So, we quickly became home schoolers, avid bakers, creators of everything crafty. Paint was flying off the shelves as we all tried to get used to our new way of life, attempting to keep as busy as we could, even on the days when motivation was at absolute zero.

Obviously being in lockdown meant each and every booking had to be rescheduled which was unbelievably sad, but I chose to fill my new creative void with a little project of my own and began documenting my own families life. The ups and the downs ..... the unperfect, perfect everyday moments for me as a mum. Something I passionately believe in and am constantly raving on about; the importance of taking pictures and recording our precious memories for our children. And of course this is now more important than ever!! This unique time in history deserves to be documented, I want my kids flicking through these images in years to come, showing their kids what went down in 2020!!

As a photographer, it's been very bizarre, not knowing when I would next be able to pick up my camera and start photographing families again, my absolute passion, and I guess this is why the concept of a 'lockdown doorstep photoshoot' first caught my eye. 

It was a month or so ago when I first saw reports of photographers offering this in America, unfortunately a lot of the media hype wasn't that positive as people weren't abiding by the social distancing rules and it seemed to be looked at in a very negative way initially, so something I didn't really consider, plus a month ago, we were obviously still very much in lockdown and not in a position to even start thinking about offering these, so therefore it was a definite no.

However as the weeks have passed and the rules have begun to slightly relax, my opinions have flipped a 180!!  

Why couldn't I offer this to my clients? Surely now that we are allowed out more than once and as long as we stick to the social distancing rules, this is the perfect opportunity to start documenting this historic time for other families as well.

So I have pushed my beloved 35mm to the side (not for too long hopefully!!) and bought out the bad-boy, the 85mm!! 

(Probably my 2nd favourite lens anyway, but with a longer focal length, the 85mm means I can stand much further back and still get the beautiful dreamy images that the 35mm offers.)

So here I am. These sessions are only going to be running for a limited period of time, up until the 5th June 2020, so the calendar is filling quickly!!

The 'lockdown doorstep photoshoot' will be available for £60 with £10 of that being donated to a local charity (as I write this, I am still undecided on which charity and still asking for everyones opinions).

PLUS, I am offering these FREE to our amazing frontline NHS workers and care home workers as you are all totally awesome and deserve lots of love back!!!

So how does this work?

  • The sessions cost £60, £10 of which will be donated to a local charity

  • The photo shoot will last approximately 20 minutes

  • Social distancing rules will apply

  • An on line password protected gallery to view all of the images from the session

  • A choice of your 5 favourite images which will be sent across to download

  • Additional images are available for an extra £10/image or £50 for the full gallery

Sessions are available for those living in Newbury or Thatcham.

So if you are interested in documenting this poignant time in our lives, please get in touch. Spaces are filling quickly, so I recommend booking as soon as possible,

Thanks guys! Big love and stay safe!!



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