Baby Sebastian (+ Grifton the dog)


I'm just going to put this out there ..... I believe Sebastian is THE MOST CHILLED OUT BABY ...... E   V   E   R!!!


A brave statement I know, I have photographed so many amazingly, gorgeous chilled out babies, but throughout the whole newborn photography session, through a nappy change, a few outfit changes and the need for a feed, he didn't even grumble once! Talk about making my job easy!! Go Sebastian!!!

Before the shoot began, Rachel asked if there was any chance we could possibly try to get Grifton (the dog) involved, he's a big part of Rachel's world, so it meant a lot to her. She did pre-warn me, he could be tricky, so we had relatively low expectations....

Well, Grifton.......


Anyone would have thought I was there to photograph him!! He certainly believed I was!! He was there front and centre throughout the entire shoot. Looking as cute and ready to perform as he could be!!! In fact at points we had to remove him from the frame just to get images of Rachel & Sebastian on their own, without Grifton!!! I mean this dog has a lot of love to give!!

The beauty of booking a newborn lifestyle shoot, rather than a posed studio shoot is that theres no real 'ideal age' as such. Whether your baby is 10 days old, or 7 months old (just grabbing at figures here, no precision at all!!!), each age offers such diversity.


The majority of styled newborn sessions recommend shooting between 6 to 10 days, making sure they have the best chance of getting the baby to sleep through the amount of posed positions that go on during these shoots. 


Rachel, though, wasn't so keen on having pictures of Sebastian that early, but preferred to wait a little longer, until he filled his own skin a little more, if that makes sense.

So at a ripe old age of 3 and a 1/2 weeks, Sebastian blessed us with some lovely awake images. Some that are already showing his amazing little personality shine through. 

We even managed to get some 'milk-drunk' images towards the end of the session.

These newborn lifestyle photography sessions are an amazing alternative to the more posed, wrapped sessions. Its not about showing 'insta-ready' show homes, no one has those, let's face it. Its about being comfortable in your own surroundings and using the love and detail you add to your home as your own unique backdrop.

So if you are expecting a baby during 2020 and are looking for a Newborn photographer in Newbury, (or Reading, Oxford, Basingstoke, Hungerford ..... basically, I love to travel!!) and fancy an alternative to the styled shoots, let me know. I always advise booking in around your 20 week scan so we can hold a couple of dates in case baby decides to arrive early or late.

I hope you enjoy guys! Big love,



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