Frequently asked questions

Do you pose your couples? I feel slightly awkward in front of a camera?

95% of my wedding day coverage is taken in a relaxed documentary style. My aim is capture natural, beautiful images of you, your family and your friends enjoying the day as it unfolds. I promise not to be in your face asking you to pause and pose in certain ways. Its about being there to record your wedding day story as it is, the laughter and the emotions. The other 5% is when I offer my bride & groom the chance to disappear for 15 or so minutes to grab some signature couples shots, but again these are not heavily posed, I will just offer some gentle guidance to make the most of these. I do also offer group shots, but I recommend keeping these to a minimum so they don't impact too much on your day.

How long does it take for me to receive my wedding photos?

I aim to deliver the images to my bride & groom within 3 weeks, sometimes even less if we are out of the peak wedding season.

How many images will I receive?

My full wedding day package includes 400+ images. I say 400+ as I am an over shooter and normally deliver more than this.

Do you require an initial payment to secure my date?

I would require a booking fee of £300, which once received secures your date.

Do you work with second shooters?

Yes, I have a group of fellow photographers that I work closely with, all chosen as they have a simular style to me, meaning the images in your gallery will look the same. A second shooter is great for groom prep, afterall these are the times of the day that your partner doesn't get to see. They generally stay until after the ceremony which is also great as you get to see the service from two directions.

What if the weather is awful on our wedding day?

I am never bothered by the weather! Afterall a bit of rain never hurt anyone!! I always bring my wedding umbrellas with me, just in case, so I'm game if you are! I can always help and give advice to get the most out of your images.

Do you offer group shots?

I do, but I advise keeping these to a minimum to avoid them overtaking the day. Each group shot takes approximately 3 minutes once each family/friend has been found and pulled in. I always like to have a list approximately a week before the wedding so I have something to work to on the day.

How do I book?

If you are happy with everything and I'm your kind of girl, I would then need a booking fee of £300 in order to secure your date. Once received, I'll send over my contract and an initial questionnaire. Bookings are made on a first come, first served basis and a date is not booked until I’ve received the deposit and contract.

How long do you stay for?

As long as you need me for! I am not a clock watcher and don't like to give exact timings, afterall I have never been to a wedding that hasn't over run a little. Closer to the time, we'll chat and arrange my arrival time so I can be there for the bridal prep in the morning. I then work through until after the first dance and cake cutting and stay for another 1/2 hour to get some shots of everyone on the dance floor.

What happens if you are ill or injured on the day?

Well, touch wood, this has never happened yet, and I would like to keep it that way! We always need a plan b though, so I do have a large network of fellow photographers that I would happily call upon in such an event.

Do I own the copyright to the images?

As the creator of the images, I own the copyright. However, your images are delivered with full printing and sharing rights, so you can print these as many times as you like. They do not come watermarked so you can print these yourselves if you decide not to use a professional printing lab. The only restriction is that you can't use them for any commercial use. If any suppliers wish to use any of my images for their website or marketing, please ask them to get in contact with me so I can explain my terms.

Do we need to provide you with a meal?

That would be lovely, thank you. I tend to take a little break whilst the guests are being served their food, afterall no one wants me pointing my camera at them whilst they are eating dinner!

Do you have back up gear?

Yes, I always like to plan for any eventuality on the day. I have two camera bodies with me on the day and a bag full of different lenses. My main camera also has dual card slots in case something happens to the card, technology is great when it works, yet a sod when it fails, so I do like to have a back up plan.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I have public liability insurance. That was an easy one!

Do you offer a pre-wedding photo shoot?

Yes I do and they are really popular!! They are great for anyone that feels nervous or awkward in front of a camera. It's a perfect way for you to see how I work and for us to get to know one another. So rather than being worried on the day, its just like meeting up with a friend! My full day package comes with a 25% discount against the original price of £250, alternatively my "Full Day + Benefits" package includes a couples shoot within the price.

How far do you travel?

Oh my goodness I absolutely love to travel and I love to shoot in new locations!! Literally no wedding is too far!!

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